The Firm

KK Associates established in 2007 with the express intention of bridging the divide that exists between people’s perception of their personal spaces & the stark reality of the buildings coming up in our urban jungles. Our expertise lies in holistic designs for individual residences, bungalows, development of housing layouts, apartment complexes, commercial complexes and gated communities.

As architects in Bangalore, the firm transcends the divide between contemporary architecture and the cultural context which they are set in. Add the rising need for energy efficient green buildings and increased stress on optimization of available spaces.

Design Philosophy

“Human mind is extremely sensitive to the surroundings, it leaves a deep impact on us. Our surroundings, the house plans, the office designs, the home interiors, the architecture designs, the people, the traffic, career objectives, etc., all have a direct bearing on our sense of well-being. Traffic is not a problem we can solve but we can surely create a meaningful interface between you and your our customer and their surroundings in a qualitative manner that enhances positive energies in terms of form, function, climate control, vastu, and more.”

- Ar. Krishna Kanth, Principal Architect

Healthy Living Spaces

As one of the leading architects in Bangalore, the firm challenges new magnitudes of demand and growing expectations of home architecture as well as interior architecture clients. Creating healthy, lively and enthralling spaces; in the process ensuring that everyone involved is on the same page on energy efficiency and sustainable architecture norms.



Krishna Kanth Reddy - KK Associates

KK Associates is an architectural design studio with a deep concern for maping built environments through integration of Craft, Technology & patent of design established in 2002, by Architect Krishna Kanth Reddy, who graduated in 1998 from the Bangalore Institute of Technology Bangalore, KK Associates has been engaged in the design Residences, Institutions & Interiors.

The firm believes in "Less is more" & "God is in details"

Office Location

#233, 1st Cross, 40th Main, BTM 2nd Stage, Bangalore – 560 068


Phone : 080 3557 0676, +91 98452 87750
Email : contact@kkasociates.in

Open Hours

Monday - Friday : 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Saturday : 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM